• Binaural Relaxation

Binaural Relaxation

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A most beautiful and relaxing way to enter a deep state of calm, healing and rejuvenation.

Binaural Beat technology is essentially a simple one. It is most effective when listened to through headphones. Hidden within a beautiful soundscape, a low sound is presented to either ear. Each ear is exposed to a very slightly different frequency. These frequencies are aurally mixed within the brain and this results in a slowing of brainwaves to reflect a relaxed state of Theta (a meditative state).

Our highly acclaimed British composer Matthew Slater, has written a score that provides a stunning audio accompaniment to a whole relaxed world of your own creation. This sublime work also includes elements of NLP, written by Master Practitioner Francis McGinty to increase the speed at which you descend into a state of deep Theta relaxation, enabling you to become less stressed easier and quicker than ever before. It will also help you to recapture that feeling of deep wellbeing at any time.

Please take the time to read these simple instructions for use.
Get comfortable.
Endeavour to remain undisturbed.
If possible, darken the room or use an eye mask.
If possible use headphones. Use good quality headphones (closed-cup are especially effective as they cut out ambient sound).
You can listen to tracks individually or together depending on the time you have.
Do not listen to this soundtrack while doing any other activity.
If you have any condition that may react adversely to this type of stimulated relaxation, please consult your doctor before using.
And enjoy!

Music composed by Matthew SlaterMindfullness Meditation and NLP written by Francis McGinty

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