• Rose & Frankincense

Rose & Frankincense

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Our Persian Rose and Frankincense candle is the perfect combination of blowsy summer rose and soft incense. It permeates your home with a soft and powdery warmth.

Our natural soy candles are handmade in England. Each pure soy wax candle is hand poured into a heavy on-the-rocks glass tumbler and is blended with the highest percent of essences and oils to ensure that it richly infuses your home with it's seductive scent. We use a creamy natural soy which burns very slowly and evenly for 50 hours.

Every candle is then so beautifully boxed and cellophane wrapped, that it arrives to your door looking and feeling like a rare and precious treat. Unwrapping it is something to be lingered over, a little feel-good ceremony, a little bit of you time.

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