• Pure Organic Argan Oil 50 Ml

Pure Organic Argan Oil 50 Ml

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An elixir of new life for skin, hair and nails, it restores and regenerates at a cellular level.

One of this Worlds most precious oils, known in ancient times as Liquid Gold. Our 100% pure organic Argan oil is harvested and cold-pressed by hand in Morocco. We have added nothing to it and so it comes to you in its purest and most potent form. Gorgeous used daily on your skin and nails or rubbed into your hair and scalp as an overnight treat, Enjoy the application of this precious oil daily, and when you have the luxury of time, download our blissfull 16 minute foot ritual with our compliments.

Our Pure Organic Argan Oil is proven to:
Neutralise free radicals
Increase collagen
Nourish your skin, hair and nails
Strengthen elasticity
Protect from environmental toxicity
Inhibit stretch marks
Aid natural healing of skin disorders including psoriasis and eczema
Restore skin water lipids, increasing hydration
Increase nutrients and oxygen in cells
Boost connective tissue
Protect cellular integrity
Help to prevent loss of moisture
Help tighten and lift skin
Reduce pain, swelling and inflammation
Stimulate blood circulation
Manufacture and repair cell membranes
Boost immune function
Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks

Our Pure Organic Argan Oil is proven to be:
High in antioxidants which slow down the negative effects of cell damage
High in Omega 9 EFA
High In Omega 6 the most sought after essential fatty acid
A natural anti-inflammatory
Exceptionally rich in vitamin E
Anti ageing

At Chocolate Buddha, it is our hope that this beautiful oil will encourage you to enjoy one of our ancient and holistic rituals. So when you have purchased your Argan oil and you have the luxury of just a little time, download your complimentary video.

Once you've purchased your Pure Organic Argan Oil we will send you your own unique link to The Ritual.

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