Lyn and I met through our passion for yoga and the way it had helped each of us recover from serious illness. Lyn's recovery from cancer had lead to her opening a yoga studio in Leigh on Sea and creating a beautiful healing space for others to enjoy, and my recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis had encouraged me to retire from my design business and qualify as a yoga instructor to help others on their healing journey too.

Lyn's Shambhala Studio hosts more than 30 classes a week and our chats with each other and with the many yoga teachers and students enjoying this calm space, helped us to realise that the comfort and elegance of what we wear to our yoga classes, and the confidence that this encourages throughout the rest of our day in or away from the studio, is a large part of what makes yoga so uplifting. We need to feel supported and enhanced by our yoga wear. We do not want to feel exposed and vulnerable.

Yoga wear was becoming more and more Lycra based... suitable for the gym perhaps or a good run, but not gentle enough for that gorgeous feeling of natural wellbeing and calm that yoga creates. Chocolate Buddha was our way of redressing the balance... yoga clothing so elegant and comfortable to wear that you'll never want to take it off.
x Kerry

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