Look hot in Chocolate

We’ve all been there. . . tops that ride up to our armpits in inversions, bottoms that show more of everything than they should. As yogis and teachers, we have experienced our own wardrobe malfunctions and watched others in our classes do the same. As studio owners we have had the “but I wouldn't know what to wear” conversation with nervous newbies a thousand times.

Most of us have body issues of some sort don't we? Parts of our body that we do not want to expose or accentuate through a skin-tight layer of man-made fibre. There is nothing wrong with being Lycra-shy!

Chocolate Buddha yoga clothing is our own way of encouraging every yogi to feel comfortable in their practice. We should all be able to enjoy that gorgeous sense of wellbeing that each yoga moment brings us, on and off the mat.

And because life isn't only about yoga, we want to feel just as great in our Chocolate Buddha stuff when we go for our after-class coffee or glass of fizz. A wheatgrass shot you say? Oh you go right ahead.

Come and join the fun: