for lunging, lounging and loving

Huzzah, you're here! So please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are yoga doers and teachers who design and make British yoga clothing for the Lycra-shy.

Our butter-soft yoga wear is styled to make us all feel good about ourselves while we are exercising and to look fabulous when we go for our well-earned after-class tipple. It's been a 4 year "adventure" so far, and while we have been generating and testing prototypes with our English weavers, dyers, printers and makers, we've made time to create a range of rather gorgeous lifestyle elements designed to enhance and extend that blissful feeling of wellbeing beyond your yoga or pilates class and into your home. So that is what we are all about. . .feeling great. And why not?

Each piece of Chocolate Buddha yoga clothing is made in Britain. In fact our whole range is made in England (with the little exception of our fair-trade organic Argan oil which we buy from a women's co-operative in Morocco and package here ourselves). We really are proud to be able to brag that fact. . .it would have been so much easier to follow the herd, cut corners and prices, and compromise our ethics by buying overseas, but we refused to. That just isn't our way.

We have spent 4 years prototyping and testing yarns, weaves, dyes, prints and styles, and weeping over the beauty of hand made boxes, bags, tissue papers, perfumes and oils. Our first Chocolate Buddha collection is complete and we feel like mother hens sending our little chicks out into the world. Please be kind to them!

Come and join the fun: